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Unix file permissions cheat sheet

Working with Magento in a Linux environment requires you to have some knowledge of Unix file system permissions. These are documented extensively, but I wanted to have a simple yet complete overview that includes setuid, setgid, and the sticky bit. Since I could not find one, I composed a cheat sheet myself. Since this is...

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Selecting an air filter: dependent html selects

Our customer, Combifit, sells glazing products with Magento. They asked for a product page that allows a user to select a single air filter (in Dutch: “rooster”) from a selection of thousands. On this page we find a series of select boxes that represent the options of these air filters: their type, glasgoot, epc, isolatorpositie, hendel, bediening,...

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Magento 2 Source Code Beheer met Git en Bitbucket

In deze blog beschrijf ik hoe we ons source code-beheer hebben opgezet met Git en Bitbucket. Click here for the English version. Onze Wensen Dit was voor ons van belang voor source code-beheer: Versiebeheer Backup Online toegang tot alle code en revisies Volledige toezicht op toegang tot de code Snelheid Onderdelen van de Oplossing Deze onderdelen speelden een rol in...

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