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Essential Magento 2 Partial Reindexing

Magento 2 goes through great lengths to provide speed for the webshop. It has over 30 index tables to speed up the shopping experience for the user, as well as a flat product and category table per store view, if flat tables are enabled. Nederlandse vertaling van dit artikel. When database entities like products, categories...

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Magento 2 Deployment

In Magento 1, it was still possible to change the code of a live webshop on the fly. In Magento 2, this is no longer an option. A deployment step is needed. In this article I’ll tell you what deployment is, why it is necessary, and what our approach to it is at the moment....

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Unix file permissions cheat sheet

Working with Magento in a Linux environment requires you to have some knowledge of Unix file system permissions. These are documented extensively, but I wanted to have a simple yet complete overview that includes setuid, setgid, and the sticky bit. Since I could not find one, I composed a cheat sheet myself. Since this is...

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